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You need to install the Windows Platform SDK, which will install a lot of libraries. In the install location' s lib directory will be the file ws2_ 32. The missing symbol is, which is a C+ + mangled name for htonl, which is a function that converts a. Additionally, if you are using GCC/ mingw you may want to take a look at this: MinGW linker error: winsock. Error 1 error LNK: unresolved external symbol referenced in function " public: void _ _ thiscall UdpSocket: : Open( void) " (? obj SocketTest Error 2 error. These linker errors are always the same: you' re using a symbol that the linker cannot find. You need to tell the linker to link with the libraries that contain those symbols. As I stated before, I believe this problem has should be just run and use but, in my case, VS is giving me some unresolved externals. AF_ INET; serv_ addr. s_ addr = htonl( INADDR_ ANY) ; serv_ addr. sin_ port = htons( atoi( argv[ 1] ) ) ; if( bind( s, ( struct sockaddr * ) & serv_ addr,. referenced in function _ main 1> TCPConcurrentServer.

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    Error external htons

    obj : error LNK: unresolved external symbol referenced in. The problem is you are not linking against the Ws2_ 32. To fix this you can add that to your additional dependencies tab of linker/ Input settings for your project. Alternatively ( as pointed out by SChepurin in the comments) you can verity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error LNK1120 6 unresolved externals MT4. 1 Error LNK unresolved external symbol _ _ imp referenced in function " public: static void _ _ cdecl. I encountered the same error ( " LNK: unresolved external symbol. My headers and calls were defined correctly, and it only failed to link in Debug mode ( no complaints in Debug mode). It turned out that my issue was. Alternatively ( as pointed out by SChepurin in the comments) you can add.