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According to some googling this happens when the connection is closed. Unfortunately I don' t see. stunnel- users] " Broken pipe" issue. still > getting this error message: > Error detected on SSL ( read) file descriptor: Broken pipe ( 32) A longer sample. In most cases a better solution is: socket = l: SO_ KEEPALIVE= 1 and/ or: socket = r: SO_ KEEPALIVE= 1 depending on which side of the connection hangs. Previous message: [ stunnel- users] Stunnel in pgsql mode, libpq, and SSL session caching. The stunnel log shows an error about a broken pipe whenever these failures occur: Feb 18 11: 09: 24 x2 stunnel:. sent close_ notify Feb 18 11: 09: 24 x2 stunnel: LOG5[ 555: ] : Error detected on socket ( read) file descriptor: Broken pipe ( 32) Feb 18 11: 09: 24 x2 stunnel:. If I call socket. close in the client first, the problem dissapears. the server log shows a broken pipe error here in websocket. Without SSL, it doesn' t even seem to notice that the disconnection didn' t happen properly, and prints the normal. Error when terminating the connection: [ Errno 32] Broken pipe. The process seems to start off well, establishes a connection to the correct remote mail server, and negotiates an ssl connection, but then terminates with: Error detected on socket ( read) file descriptor: Broken pipe ( 32) I' ve. If you ignore the SIGPIPE signal, then the functions will return EPIPE error on a broken pipe - at some point.

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    Socket pipe error

    the keep- alive activity tells that the socket is active and so the send call will write the required data ( 40 bytes) in to. error: [ Errno 32] Broken pipe" while receiving user status bulk updates # 214. line 116, in send return sock. send( data) File " / usr/ lib/ python2. py", line 709, in send v = self. sshでリモートサーバにログインしているときに「 Write failed: Broken pipe」 と表示 されて接続が切れてしまうことがあります。 sshはある程度の時間操作をせずにいると タイムアウトにより自然に切断される仕組みになっているためであり、. Your server process has received a SIGPIPE writing to a socket. This usually happens when you write to a socket fully closed on the other ( client) side. This might be happening when a client program doesn' t wait till all oken Pipe Error with boto. connect_ s3 and host= ' s3. com' for non- default AWS region # 86. " / usr/ local/ lib/ python2.

    py", line 229, in sendall v = self. send( data[ count: ] ) File " / usr/ local/ lib/ python2. py", line 198, in send v = self. instantiating an S3Connection object, or all my file uploads greater than about 200k would fail with socket. error: [ Errno 32] Broken pipe.