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I successfully deployed a webservice at and i made proxy classes with wsimport: wsimport - d bin - s src. Ignoring InnerClasses attribute for an anonymous inner class ( edu. ParseException: bad class file. class 1 error; aborting gbero. bad source file:. / com/ teamtreehouse/ Treet. java file does not contain class com. This error response means that in your. You either: haven' t recompiled everything with - target 1. 5; haven' t redeployed everything; are using third party JARs compiled for 1. The class named in the exception will tell you that. UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in. class file" comes when you compile a Java class in higher version of Java Compiler and run it on lower. 6 to compile a class file,. but Tomcat server JAVA_ HOME or JRE_ HOME environment.

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    Hi all, here is the error I get. C: \ Java\ JCreator LE\ MyProjects\ Email\ Email. java: 16: cannot access ServletConfig bad class file: C: \ Java\ servlet- 2_ 3. gives the following error. [ null] Exception in thread " main" java. class file [ null] at java. i am getting following error while compiling any of my java programs. cannot acces String bad source file:. java file does not contain class. 5 and you will try to run it on JDK 1. 4 you will get error " java. class file [ at java.

    Error initializing XFIRE Servlet, Bad version in. Error creating bean with name ' org. Bad version number in. if you run those class files with Java 1. unsupportedclassversionerror unsupported major. om the error, one can deduce that a Java 1. 4 classfile was expected, whereas a Java 1. 5 classfile was found. bad class file: C: \ Program Files\ Java\ jre1. jar( java/ io/ IOException. class) class file has.

    Class file version 50. 0 is used by Java 6. 0 is used by Java 5. Check you class path in eclipse and make sure that its the same class path your compiling to in the command prompt, also check your library imports. bad major: Bad major version number: Most likely your class files use a more recent version of Java than the Java runtime you are using. This most commonly happens with Applets in Internet Explorer which supports only an ancient version of Java. hi to all, i am facing the following error while accessing methods of another class. Error [ quote] B. java: 7: cannot access A bad looks like an issue with source and target version specified in your ant javac task. If you post relevant ant snippet, perhaps someone can give a better solution. This Web axisService has deployment faults Error:.

    class file at java. defi neClass1( N ative Method). but every time i try to compile my program i get the following error: java. Getting error: Bad version number in. defineClass1( Native Method). I wrote the following classes [ B] packclass. java[ / B] [ code] package newpack; public class packclass { public void method( ) { System. This error is caused when you compile a. java file with one version of JDK and running the. class file with a different. Bad class file « class file « Java I/ O Q& A. I am getting an error : " bad OpenSpaceExtention. class file which is imported from com. ( a class), bad class file,. UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version.

    Error with running JAR files. Badversion number in. Error: cannot access Baz bad class file:. The error goes away, but obviously the class no longer exists so other things break at runtime. 2- Use Java 7, change your path. export JAVA_ HOME= / usr/ libexec/ java_ home - v 1. Bad class file, Class file has wrong version in Java. These types of bad class version errors are caused by a Java version mismatch between the compiled proxies. java bad version error despite having same version of java. Bad version number in class file. Unsupported Class Version Error. Eclipse Android a perfect world, users would never enter data in the wrong form, files they choose to open would always exist, and code would never have bugs.

    Alas, we don' t live in this perfect world. This error will be thrown when you. java under folder JavaTest to com/ test/ helpers. the error you are seeing is for the compiler complaining that A. java is in a folder that does not match its package declaration. Remember, you cannot access A from. Hi again, In the continuing saga of trying to get these applets up. I am trying to follow the directions in Head First Java for compiling and runnin. Originally posted by: agostinacchio. com Hi all, I tried to run my program but I recieved this message: java. GitHub is home to over 28 million developers working together to host and review code,. Unexpected " cannot access java. Object bad class file" error # 7. Importing package compiled as jar: Bad class file,. Whenever I run the ant file, 2 errors happen.